PTFE Products

PTFE is a kind of engineering plastic, with a wide working temperature range (-180℃ to +260℃), low friction coefficient, excellent electrical properties, high corrosion resistance and non toxic and so on, and can be made with filled (reinforced) materials, such as glass fiber, graphite and bronze, to improve the properties.

What we produce:

PTFE sheet, rod and tube.

These products arewidely used as sealing gasket and lubricating materials in corrosive media, electrical insulation parts, corrosion resistant materials under various frequencies, bearing, valves, chemical piping, lining in the electrical, chemical, aerospace and machinery fields, and support slider, etc.


Product Details:

*PTFE Sheet:

  PTFE Skived Sheet: Thickness:0.05-8 mm;  Width 300-2700mm; Length: as required

  PTFE Molded Sheet: Thickness:2-100 mm;  Width150-2000mm; Length: 150-2000mm

*PTFE Tube:

  Paste Extruded Tube:  OD:0.5-25mm; Wall thickness: 0.1-2.5mm; Length: as required

  Plug Extruded Tube: OD:25-250mm; Wall thickness: 1.5~8mm; Length: as required

  Molded tube: OD:25-2000mm; Wall thickness: 5~500mm; Length: 100-300mm 


  Paste Extruded Rod:  OD:2-4mm; Length: as required

  Plug Extruded Rod: OD:4-200mm;  Length: 500-3000mm

  Molded Rod: OD:5~300mm; Length: 50-300mm 

Technical Data: Please contact with us by mail to get technical data.