Laminated Parts

We produce the carbon fiber fabric laminates, carbon fiber fabric composed with honeycomb laminate, carbon fiber fabric composed with the glassfiber fabric laminate according the different applications.

Carbon fiber products are widely used in aerospace, sports equipment, medical equipment, model plane, automobile, toy, handicraft, kite, tent, civil construction and reinforcement engineering, and so on.

RDS has rich experience in carbon fiber products, our engineers can design, develop, and produce various kinds of carbon fiber products according to the requirements of customers. The production formula includes: molding, RTM, hand lay-up, pultrusion, filament winding and autoclave process.

The main carbon fiber parts we produced at present include: seats for aircraft and racing car, spare parts for the automobile, UAV and medical equipment, musical instrument, radome and other special shaped parts.

Our carbon fiber fabric laminates are mainly used in the inner decoration for the airplane.