SMC, BMC Plate

Composed by the unsaturated polyester resin, short cutting glass fiber, inorganic fillers and additives under high 
temperature and pressure, molded by press machine.

What we produce:

SMC molding plate and BMC/DMC molding plate


Plate Size: 1000x2000mm, 1250x2000mm, 1500x3000mm (thickness min. 5mm)

Thickness Range: 1.6mm to 50mm

Stanard Color: grey, red and white (special color according RAL color code)

Characteristics & Applications:

Having good electrical and mechanical properties, good arc resistance and PTI & CTI, excellent fire retardant property with low

smoke and toxic-free, low water absorption, can be used in high moisture conditions. 

Widely used in medium and high voltage electrical industry, such as backup board of switch cabinet, cable fixing clamp, insulating

parts in transformer and motor.


Technical Data: Please contact with us by mail info@rdscomposite.com to get the technical data.