Polyimide film

What we produce:

Polyimide film is a kind of special plastic film, flat and smooth, no crease, no particulate air bubble and no pinhole, with excellent mechanical properties, dielectric properties, long-term working temperature -195 ℃ to 280 , widely used in sophisticated products in military appliance, satellite navigation, digital product, electric motors, computer and mobile phone and so on, such as the base dielectrics in flexible printed circuits (FPC), tape automated bonding (TAB), pressure sensitive tape (PST), and insulation for electric motor (Insulation) and etc.


Executive Standard:JB/T 2726 — 1996.


Dimension Details:

Thickness :12.5μm - 225μm

Standard Width:6mm- 1000mm.


Technical Data: Please contact with us by mail info@rdscomposite.com to get technical data.