Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminate

Made of E-glass fabric impregnated with epoxy resin by processing under high temperature and pressure. 
Having excellent electrical and mechanical properties, good heat and moisture resistance. Applicable to 
insulating structural parts in motors, mechanical and electrical equipment, and can be used in transformer oil.

What we produce:

China  Standard: 3240, 3240-1(3240B), 3240-3(3240C), R884, R885( FR4 ESD)

IEC     Standard: EPGC201, EPGC202, EPGC203, EPGC204, EPGC308

NEMA Standard: G10, FR4, G11, FR5


Laminate Size: 1020x1220mm, 1020x2020mm, 1220x2440mm

Thickness Range: 0.1mm to 150mm

Characteristics & Applications:

3240, 3240-1&3240-3, EPGC201 and G10:Primarily intended for mechanical,electrical, electronic usual applications, with high strength under moderate temperature and good electrical properties under high humidity; 3240-1&3240-3 are derived type from 3240, with lower properties, and lower price, it is economical type product of 3240; EPGC201 and G10 have better electrical property than 3240.

 EPGC202 and FR4: both with flame retardant property, good mechanical and electrical insulating property.

They are popular and versatile high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate grade with good strength to weight ratios.

With near zero water absorption, fhey are most commonly used as an electrical insulator possessing considerable

mechanical strength. The material is known to retain its high mechanical values and electrical insulating qualities

in both dry and humid conditions. These attributes, along with good fabrication characteristics, lend utility to this grade

for a wide variety of electrical and mechanical applications.

 EPGC203 and G11:  With higher mechanical and electircal insulating property,high heat resistance Class F,

 usually processed into slot, wedge and insulating structural parts for Class F electrical machine, pulling motors

and transmission and distribution equipments, engines, motors, etc.

EPGC204 and FR5:Similar to EPGC203 and G11, but with flame retardant property.

R884: With high mechanical strength at room temperature, with semi-conductive performance. Used for electronic industry

R885(FR4ESD): With high mechanical strength at room temperature, with anti-static dissipative performance. Used for electronic industry. It is also called FR4 ESD.


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