Epoxy Glass Fibric Tube

Made of alkali-free glass fabric and binded with epoxy resin, in heat-rolling and tightening, baking and curing,
with high mechanical property and stable electrical property in high humidity, suitable for 
being used as insulation structural parts of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment.

What we produce:

China Standard: 3640

NEMA Standard: FR4, G11

IEC      Standard: EPGC21, EPGC22, EPGC23

3640:  with higher mechanical and electircal insulating property, low water absorption, used for the insulating structural parts

           for electric apparatus.

FR4, G11 Tube: FR4  tube with flame retardant property, and G11 tube has higher thermal endurance property.

                           Both have much higher mechanical strength, better dielectric loss properties, and excellent electric

                           strength properties under any conditions such as dry and humid environment.

EPGC21, EPGC22, EPGC23: EPGC21 usually used in the mechanical, electrical and electronic applications. It can keep

                             the stable electrical insulating property under heavy humidity. EPGC22 similar to EPGC21, it has better 

                             mechanical property under high temperature. EPGC23 similar to EPGC21, but it has the fire retardant 


Dimension Details:

Wall thickness 1mm (Minimum)

Standard Length: 1000mm

Technical Data: please contact with us by mail to get technical data.