Phenolic Cotton Fabric Laminated Rod

Made of cotton fabric impregnated with phenolic resin, then heated into prepreg and 
rolling into the rod shape, finally put into the different diameters molds, under high
temperature and pressure to cure into the rigid laminated rods. 
Usually for mechanical and electrical applications.

What we produce:

China  Standard: 3721, 3721-1, 3722, 3723, 3724, 3725

IEC     Standard: PFCC41, PFCC42, PFCC43

NEMA Standard: C, CE, L, LE

 Diameter Size: 6mm to 200mm

Characteristics & Applications:

  •  3721, 3721-1:For mechanical & electrical applications. 3721 is better than 3721-1 in strength, 3721-1 is economical type of product 3721 

  • 3722,  3723, 3724, 3725: Similar to NEMA Grade C, CE, L and LE Respectively, usually for mechanical & electrical applications. 3725 allows fine processing

  • PFCC41, PFCC42 and PFCC43:IEC Grade, PFCC41(fine cloth), PFCC42(coarse cloth) and PFCC43 ( extra coarse cloth)  

Technical Data: Please contact with us by mail to get the technical data.

Futher processing: grind the surface, machine the rod, thread the rod, ect.